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Parent coaching is for parents who want to help find new and creative  ways to positively impact their child’s life and make absolutely  certain they create a healthy and fulfilling atmosphere for their  family.

I believe that every parent has the innate ability to  raise their children. Unfortunately doubt plagues us and we lose  confidence in our own abilities. My intention is to compliment the basic  fundamentals that you have already implemented. I empower and support  parents through this realization and provide the support and tools you  need to be more effective parents.

As a mother and pediatric nurse practitioner, I intimately know the    urgency and helplessness parents can feel when taking care of their    children. Parent coaching will help you deal with the typical daily    challenges that parenting brings. It is a process in which you are    taught skills to feel empowered to handle these situations.

Your    relationship with a parenting coach is a nonjudgmental, collaborative    and productive one. As a parent coach, I am not doing the parenting  for   you but helping integrate some practical and effective techniques  that   fit your life and parenting style. I will work with you  one-on-one to   teach you strategies as well as demonstrate how to apply  these   techniques. I also focus on encouraging parents to work  together in   order to provide a more cohesive family foundation. This  in turn   strengthens the family environment.

Parent   coaching  is not therapy and is  not intended to replace or conflict   with services  provided by  psychologists, therapists or pediatricians.

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